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Tube Ride

Quick Details

Location  Location: Holiday Inn Beachside Location

Location  Location: Marriott Beachside Location

Adult Ages 10+
Child Ages 5-9

Go Tubing in Palm Beach, Aruba

Looking to get out onto the clear blue waters of Aruba for a fun experience? Book a tube ride from one of our beachside locations! Whether you want a gentle ride for the family, or to feel the centrifugal force as you swing from side to side, it is completely up to you!

For those that want to keep it calm, this is a great way to enjoy Aruba’s blue waters. You can meet us at one of our beachside locations or be picked up at our selected hotel’s beach.

Let the fun begin! Book online and get ready to go tubing in Aruba!

Please note that there is a minimum of 2 people to book a tube ride.